BOHEMIA - Yaad Anah

Yaad Anah

‘Kandi sunlaye bathere, mae jhute lare tere’ [I’m done listening to your fake promises and lies] ‘Yaad Anah’ is a reminder that Bohemia is no stranger to personal tales. As a man who offers his fans every part of him, with no taboos, on every single album, he is what personal experiences are to music what a glove is to a hand. He thrives off reciting his own tales of love, lust and intoxication. He’s not phased by the public impression of him. Bohemia has a story to tell, and so he tells it.

A few months back, Bohemia wrote a song called ‘Rooh’, which was about the tragically ended relationship between him and his ex-girlfriend. ‘Yaad Anah’ is a non-commercial Hip Hop version of the said song. ‘…Mor challi nale minu tofe sare maere, mae kia chad de chadna ve sokha tere vaste, apa kere tere piche mar challe’[ She returned all the gifts I had given her as she left and I said; leave! Leaving is the easy way out, I’m not dying for you to stay] Bohemia’s verses contrast the maddening mystery of how a love that began so warmly with gifts could devolve into something so toxic. With a brilliantly realistic depth and sincerity, which is none-existent in today’s music. As the Poet of modern Hip Hop, Bohemia delivers lyrics that harbor no taboos, no faults, with a masterful concept of a an epic chorus; ‘Apah chad ditta sajna nu yaad anah’ [I stopped myself from showing up in her memories].

To create a rap song that discusses something so realistic takes a brilliant way with words, a strikingly emotional vocal performance, and an immense amount of attention to emotion, self-searching, honesty, experience and realization. ‘Yaad Anah’ is the stunning epitome of exactly that.


66 thoughts on “Yaad Anah

  1. Bohemia The Punjabi Rapper Love ya sir You the one and only Rapper <3

    Waiting for this one I know it is a Awesome one bcz u wrote it like always 🙂

  2. dat track is fucking awsm sir 🙂

    google bohemia chad ditta ft mixman shawn 🙂 that is d unofficial track which bohemia sir is releasing now official way 🙂

    :RBT 🙂

  3. sir keep writing n raping your die hard fan(me) will keep listening to you, Hater stay Haten @Honeysingh . sir ive wrote a song for u nd on u?

  4. Tune jag se kho ke jiteya dil mera
    Per mere pyar ko tu mere kolo gayi haar……
    Awesome song sir ji….!
    N the best line is (rang titli da)….
    Kamal ho tussi…..!

  5. main keya chad de chadna
    j sokha tere vaste ta aapa keda tere bina mar chale….

    {{one of the favorite lines of mine}}

  6. BOHEMiA This RaP Dedicate For U..
    Yaraa Tu Bina Mera Dil Ni Lag Da,,
    mere wasty Sab KUjh Mere Yaar Mere Yaraa Nu Paighaam Zindagi Dy Kisi Morr Te Chhadya Je Na kalla Main Ji Ni Pavaan Ga Main Marr Ni Pavaan Ga.,,
    Mere WastY Mere Yaar Is Tarah JenJ,,
    KhushbOo Achi Laggy Ghulaab De Naal Ik Yaad Achi Laggy MulaQat Dy Naal Navaa Mausam Acha Laggy Barsaat Dy Mere Yaar Khush Rehan Meri Dua Dy Naal Par O Mere Yaar Jehrey Mere TU DOOr Ne Aj Tk Milya Ni Unhaa Da Jwb O Hai Ik Sawal Par Ajj O Millan Te Minnu Lag Da Ae Jenj Unhaa Da C Minnu Intizaar…….
    AaMiR & Dedicate MY BEST FrienDS.. FaiSi,FaDi,BhagOO,MICKY & JOHNY

  7. Ve aapan chad dita sajna na nu yaad abah……..waiting fr Yaad Anah……Punjabi Rap Da Badshah….. BOHEMIA…..I luv u sir…..Sx

  8. Desperately waiting for *yaad anah* …… nd all da best….. our good wishes r olways wid u…. lov u loads …. #love n respect….. 🙂

  9. heyaaaaaaaaaaa MY big BROTHER N respected SIR…U R ULTIMATE…!!! THAZZ IT..
    LOVE YAA…!!!
    PEACE YAA…!!!
    RESPO YAA…!!!

  10. @iambohemia Apa chad dita sajna nu yaad anah naale sajna ne sanu yaad anah chad dita luv BOHEMIA THE PUNJABI RAP STAR ..

  11. Trying to look like you.. but i cant you are original <3
    A short effort in honor of you #sir Bohemia.
    Mein ve jo ay Sikhaya ay RAJAY da vay dayn
    mera duniya thodoor reh k chalda vay zeyhen !

    Love you Sir . I wish i could meet you <3

  12. the best rapper of the world forever for last 🙂 and your best song is admi di keemat admi day jaann to baad …………….and sharah tere pyar ka shara chahhyae dewana ho tera mjy pyar chahye (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y)

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