Rooh (Soul) - Single - Bohemia

Rooh is the latest single by Bohemia. While abandoning his original, self-tailored genre of Punjabi Rap, Bohemia hits notes in “Rooh” that are bound to touch a chord. Bohemia’s personal past history is laid bare in the song. His attitude of weary surrender adds more chilliness to the atmosphere of the song. Bohemia’s frustrated words are the main ingredient which results in a truly brilliant, epic song of pain, regret, and a failing struggle for closure. The soothing music and gentle melody accompanying the chorus will make sure “Rooh” stands out as a true classic.

28 thoughts on “Rooh

    Eagerly waiting for this

    bssss esssi trrahh tusi song kedde rho appa tvanu support krde rvange <3

  2. it’s a big surprise gift from BOHEMIA to us……….and name of the track is super desi….. u rock BOHEMIA

  3. Love you u Bohemia Paaji Love You Love you Alot n Alot.

    You are The True Artist ‘You Explain your Lyrics And your Lyrics Explain’s You’ Sir Thats Why We Love u Alot God Bless You olways…

    keep Inspiring Me Like You Always Inspiring 🙂

  4. lub ju veere 🙂 sira aa gana …. 🙂 first time – RnB 🙂

    thats why you are king of punjabi rap 🙂

  5. panjabi rap da badshah…mera veer,sir janab respect kia kahun yar am mad..alaw teaser..sari raat kanoon me apke songs bajte hen veer g..from ur pakistan

  6. bohemia u rock big time,,,,,, u r real rapper.. king of rap…….. thank for ur tour to pakistan, love/respect to sir bohemiaa

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