Rooh by Bohemia on iTunes now


by dhhpc

‘Rooh’ is the latest single by Bohemia available on iTunes for download. Music Video is also available exclusively on Bohemia’s YouTube channel now.

While abandoning his original, self-tailored genre of Punjabi Rap, Bohemia hits notes in ‘Rooh’ that are bound to touch a chord. Bohemia’s personal past history is laid bare in the song. His attitude of weary surrender adds more chilliness to the atmosphere of the song. Bohemia’s frustrated words are the main ingredient which results in a truly brilliant, epic song of pain, regret, and a failing struggle for closure. The soothing music and gentle melody accompanying the chorus will make sure ‘Rooh’ stands out as a true classic. Music is produced by the rising Prince Sahib. Music Video for  the song is set in the dreamy deserts of Bahrain with the scenery matching the mode of the song magically. The official ‘Rooh Remix‘ is done by Dj Shadow Dubai. Download ‘Rooh’ on iTunes now.

  • Himanshu Falgun Bansode

    aje v teri yaad aaye dildaar…
    ve kinne tere baad aaye tu…

  • Qaim Sherazi

    Wat a Melodious voice……..Bilo yaad rakhi aapan kere tere piche mar chale…….Lx

  • Usama Ejaz

    loved this! :) thumbs up!


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  • Karnvir Shrma

    HATSS OFF again sir

  • Rahish Kansal


    Thapar ch dekheya main BOHEMIA da show,

    maine dil ch thaan li k bnna ae oh.. :)

  • Raman DhaliwaL ☆

    Love your Music…. :)

  • Hassaan Mehmood

    Bohemia de warga likhari ni koi hor………

  • InnXnt Sajid

    nycc <3

  • Raokami

    nice song

  • jitender kumar

    you are best every time (behtareen)

  • Abrar Ahsan


  • Bŕáńdéd Bádśháh

    BOhemia yad rakhi aapa jehry tery pichy mar chaly ♥